Free Tonkaholic sample 2ml each order

Who is S.

The intriguing personality of S.stands out among the generation started by her grandfather Aurelio.

S. is bold, but it’s easy to make her the frailest. She is mysterious, but sometimes even a predictable woman.

She is an ambitious woman, held back by her fears. She is a dreamer whose rationality can almost clip her wings.

Unique and weird fragrances, interpreting the sides of her enigmatic personality.

An Italian first name, gives personality to each fragrance. An homage to Italy, where Lady Fashion finds an important home.

Undecided on what your fragrance is?

Discover S.’s world!

The box contains 6 vials EAU DE PARFUM 4ml

  • Priscilla 1 x 4ml
  • Miranda 1 x 4ml
  • Anita 1 x 4ml
  • Donatella 1 x 4ml
  • Vittoria 1 x 4ml
  • Lavinia 1 x 4ml
With the purchase of the discovery set you will receive a discount code worth €20.00 to use when purchasing a 100ml fragrance.

You will also receive 4 free 2ml vials of the new Serena, Sofia, Sveva and Tonkaholic fragrances.

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