Who is S.

The intriguing personality of S. stands out among the generation started by her grandfather Aurelio.

S. is bold, but it’s easy to make her the frailest. She is mysterious, but sometimes even a predictable woman.

She is an ambitious woman, held back by her fears. She is a dreamer whose rationality can almost clip her wings.

Unique and weird fragrances, interpreting the sides of her enigmatic personality.

An Italian first name, gives personality to each fragrance. An homage to Italy, where Lady Fashion finds an important home.

If this were a fairytale, it would start with “Once upon a time..”. Instead it begins with “There is…”, because it is a true story.

S. It is the tale of a family tradition. S. has always lived in close contact with the world of fragrances. Her grandfather, Aurelio Cerizza opened the first laboratory to create fragrances in 1946. He soon become very famous in Italy and Europe and his little laboratory became a company.

It handed down from one generation to another, perfected and enriched by the work of younger hands, with fresh and innovative ideas that have reinvented it.

To pass on a passion, you need to believe in it, you need to love unconditionally what you daily live and breath. We pass on stories, physical and behavioral particularities, values, myths and abilities. In passing on, we externalize even the most well-hidden part of our essence.

Esse strikes the notes, is a project entirely conceived, made and produced in Italy. An experience of over 70 years in the field of fragrances, it is the key to reach the goals of the project, namely a careful quest for original raw materials and accords

Esse strikes the notes embodies the values of union in the family, combing with fashion and modern Italian design, whose lines are innovative, but sometimes dry and well-defined.

An encounter, occasionally a collision, between tradition and contemporary eccentricity.

“I grew up among fragrances. When I was a child, every Saturday morning my father would sort out samples of the fragrances he had created during the week.

I used to watch him from the sofa, anxiously waiting for him to call me at his side to choose my favorite.” Roberta Cerizza

The emotional inspiration of the brand, is based on the desire to tell about the tradition of my family in the world of fragrances through what has bonded all of us: the passion for fragrances.

The main sources of inspiration of the image of the range of Esse strikes the notes, were fashion, design and the elegance of Made in Italy. The development was preceded by a research of shapes, details and accessories, (current and former ones), that have characterized the Italian elegance all over the world for such a long time.

A sequence of images, starting from the old laboratory where my grandfather composed the first fragrances, up to the eccentric design, and the most up-to-date fashion accessories.

Abstract images enshrining the soul of the brand.

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