What lies beyond what you see?

Don’t just observe yourself to observe signs and symbols. Sometimes they are random, sometimes they encompass a world of their own.

Think of a painting. Through a painting, you can glimpse its meaning, the artist’s state of mind, joy and pain. All of this, by looking into and beyond apparently random shades and details.

A painting is to an artist what a perfume is to each of us: it mirrors, reveals, predicts and represents us.

Some choose a renowned mark, conforming themselves to the mass to avoid its judgement, others opt for a more unknown one, to be admired, noticed and distinguished from others, a sign of confidence and authority.

S. strikes the notes is currently composed 2 collections: Eau de parfum and extrasit de parfum collection. In total they are 9 fragrances.

All of them are Born and Made in Italy